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Sabine Dobbertin

• studied church music from 1982-1987 (B diploma) at the Evangelical Church Music School in Görlitz

• worked from 1987 to 1989 as a full-time church musician and religious educator in the Ore Mountains

• was a piano and recorder teacher in Stuttgart from 1990 to 2020

• directed the Evangelical Church Choir Pleidelsheim from 1993 to 2020

• deepened her studies (improvisation, choir conducting, composition) since 1996 in several courses with Prof. Renate Zimmermann, Prof. Christiane Michel-Ostertun, Prof. Martin Behrmann, KMD Gunther Martin Göttsche, Prof. Rolf Schweizer, Dr. Wolfram Graf et al.

• 2002 training as a relaxation teacher at BTB, specializing in autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation.

• has been a piano teacher in Augsburg since 2004 (see also http://www.musiklehrer-fuer-musiklehrer.de)

• composed in 2005 for the first time for organ and choir

• was moved in 2010 by the fascination of glass music to play verrophone

• was organist of the Ev. Trinity Church Augsburg - Göggingen

• has been running her self-publisher DOMUS EDITORIA OVILETANA (D.E.O.) since 2011

• has been leading the Göggingen Folk Choir since January 2019


Kulturvision-aktuell from October 9th, 2018


"... That glass becomes a work of art not only visually, but also acoustically, was proven by Sabine Dobbertin from Augsburg, who performed magical musical stories with her Verrophone. She had never heard the glass harp so beautiful, so was the praise from the expert Christiane Sellner's mouth ... "

Ines Wagner for "Kultur-Vision aktuell "

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