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Glass music

Glass music has been around for more than 400 years.

The sound of glass goblets, glass rods, glass bowls or glass tubes is made by rubbing them with wet fingers until a tone can be heard.

My instrument is the verrophone - glass tubes of different lengths hang in a rack. They are arranged chromatically.

The verrophone is the youngest glass instrument after the glass harp (stemmed glasses of different sizes and thickness attached to a tray) and the glass harmonica (glass bowls of different sizes rotating on an axis).

It was developed by Sascha Reckert in the 1980s and has a stronger sound than the glass harmonica. Its range extends from c1 to f3. There are also instruments with lower notes (up to g0).

I have been working with the Verrophon since 2010, improvising and composing for it.

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